Add My Bank

Why Add My Bank?
figo aims to connect financial sources from all over Europe. Many of these are currently only available online via banking websites as PSD2 and XS2A are still under way. While we add new financial sources all the time you can help us add your particular bank even faster by using Add My Bank and providing us with all the information we need to connect your bank via online banking.

What is Add My Bank?
Add My Bank is an easy-to-use tool available within Chrome. More specifically it is a browser extension that can be installed via the Chrome web store. It allows users to assist figo in connecting their bank simply by using their online banking website and providing figo with specific anonymized data collected via the tool.

What data is collected?
Add My Bank does NOT collect any of your personal financial data. It anonymizes any data before sending and only provides figo with the context and structure necessary to locate the relevant data points on your bank’s online website. We are interested in where to find account details, account owner information, transaction overview and history, as well as standing orders and security positions, if applicable. However, the tool only collects data about the pages the user wants figo to know about as the user decides when and what to send to figo.

What do I need to use Add My Bank?
Add My Bank is a web browser extension for Chrome. Chrome is the world’s most popular web browser with its own eco system for browser extensions. Extensions are small browser plugins that modify and enhance the functionality of the Chrome browser. Chrome extensions are distributed via the Chrome Web Store. This eco system allows us to directly distribute the extensions to end users in an easy way. So the requirements are:

• Chrome web browser
• User account for Chrome web store
• Access to your bank’s online banking

If you fulfill these requirements, you can install Add My Bank from the Chrome web store:

How does Add My Bank work?
Add My Bank should be started before starting an online banking session. This can be done by opening the extension in Chrome and clicking the „Add My Bank Now“ button. This activates a „mouse click recorder“ that records which actions are performed during your online banking session, so that figo knows how to navigate to the relevant pages in your online banking. It is important that you limit yourselves to the minimum of necessary navigation steps during your online banking session.

Now the general menu for Add My Bank should be available to you. You can visit the part of your online banking website that contains data that should be made available via the figo API. Type in labels that describe the data on the current page and hit return to add the label to the list. You can enter as many labels as you like. When you have entered all labels, you can either hit the „Preview“ button to see what content will be saved and made available to figo, or directly hit the „Save“ button. The content is then send to figo automatically, there is no need for further action on your end. Proceed as just described with next page.

When you are done, you can hit the „Stop Add My Bank“ button. This will close the general menu and also send the output of the „mouse click recorder“ to figo.

If you have any further questions or need more information, please let us know: