Bankathon 2016: CANDIS is back and wants to defend its title


CANDIS Teamfoto

The team from CANDIS participated already in the first edition of Bankathon in April 2015. The team actually developed the first version of CANDIS during the competition – and won the first prize! In the following weeks, team leader Christopher Becker and his colleagues registered the company, rented an office and in the beginning of 2016 raised one million Euros from Point Nine Capital and other investors.
In this Bankathon interview, Christopher Becker tells us about his experience and why the team is joining again for the third edition of Bankathon 9 to 11 October in Hamburg.

What was your Hackathon experience before joining the 1st Bankathon?

Except one of us we did not participate in any Hackathon before. So we were just curious.

How did the idea of CANDIS develop?

We knew that we wanted to work on something regarding accounting. Since this was a field where we all had a pain in our companies before. So we wanted to fix that. But the exact scope of the prototype was decided at the Bankathon.

What did you develop exactly at the first Bankathon and what is Candis today?

At the Bankathon CANDIS was a speech assistant that helped you to structure your accounting data. You could also ask CANDIS questions like „Has this invoice already been paid?“. We learned quickly that nobody needs a speech assistant in a business environment. At least not yet. So we killed our lovely speech module and went for a lovely frontend. Nowadays CANDIS is a tool that helps companies to automate their accounting by connecting bank accounts and credit cards, forward all invoices. Thus CANDIS can match invoices with transactions, generate booking references and liability overview to save massive time in accounting. CANDIS is used by 210 companies from various industries and size.

Can we see CANDIS somewhere in action?

On our website we have screenshots and more information. But we have a free trial. Since we feel connected to Bankathon here is a special offer: Request a demo via and let our sales rep know that you come from the figo/Bankathon blog. Then you get 30 % discount in the first month and a personal onboarding.

How would you describe Bankathon with hashtags?

#geeky #disruptive #thinking-forward #fast #night-shift #good-food #competition #expert-chats

Did you participate in any other hackathon?

Cedric (our team member at the first Bankathon) has been at many Hackathons. And believe it or not: He won all of them! So we had a Hackathon Pro in our team 😉

You planned to join for the second Bankathon as well, but had to cancel. Why?

Our mission was to win it again. But due to our recent financing round we had too much to do. We had to grow the dev team, decide for next product iterations, develop and test the next features etc. So we simply had no time.

What is the biggest advantage of participating in a hackathon while starting your own startup?

Focus and Motivation!
Focus: Since you have to focus on the core of your idea. No side features, no bullshit. Just focus.
Motivation: Since you want to win it. You compete with others. So you are blazing fast and have fun along the way.

What do you expect from the third Bankathon?

Simple: We want to win it again 😉

What area will you work on at the third Bankathon?

Yes, we have a problem but no exact prototype defined. What it is will not be disclosed 😉 Come to the Bankathon to see how we hack and what we do 🙂