„International Hackathon 2016“ – 2 winning teams with figo API inside

figo was part of the German one – we provided our Banking API for the participating teams. Eight teams faced the challenge with the topic “Optimizing Daily Money”. In Germany it was hosted by Consorsbank under the umbrella of BNP Paribas. The winners ‘Hi Emma’ and aboalarm obviously found a clever solution, got 7.000 Euro each and lucky us – they designed and built their applications based on figo’s banking API.

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© Consorsbank

The „International Hackathon 2016“ took place in the eight big cities San Francisco, London, Paris, Warsaw, Brussels, Rome, Istanbul and Berlin in parallel. In Germany eight teams competed against one another and developed solutions, which support people to make smarter and more informed decisions about their income and day to day spendings as well as increase their financial independence. „Six out of eight teams decided to use figo’s Banking API as an integration layer to the real financial world to realize their ideas – so did ‘Hi Emma’ and aboalarm. It is repeatedely great to see that these special programming competitions bringing over and over again new ideas into being“, said André M. Bajorat, CEO at figo.

Both teams move on to a Digital Bootcamp where they will have the chance to develop their prototypes. On 2nd of December 2016 they are going to pitch their projects against the winning teams from around the world in front oft the BNP Paribas board in Paris. The overall winner will turn the prototype into a real solution supported by BNP Paribas.

So let’s present the German representatives:

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Winning Teams and jury/© Consorsbank

aboalarm submitted ‚Vertrags.Ninja’. It is a personal finance manager that categorizes expenditures in a solide way. It also detects automatically a concrete payee behind the transactions. „This is possible via the integration of figo’s Banking API and the associated categorized data“, stated David Drews, Product Manager at aboalarm. Based on this information the app creates an overview of all current contracts and thereto associated monthly costs. The preview function allows to predict upcoming payments whereby the user is able to plan ahead proactively. More information at www.aboalarm.de.

Team ‚Hi Emma’ introduced an AI based chat bot named Emma that bank customers can use to operate their bank account. With the integration of the figo Banking API the bot was enabled to check the balance, show new transactions and make payments in the background by having a natural conversation. More about ‚Hi Emma’ at www.hi-emma.com.

„We had inspiring and intenseive days, met interesting people and had a great exchange with the experts from figo and BNP Paribas. Many thanks to Consorsbank, betahaus Berlin and to figo for this fantastic FinTech hackathon“, said Sebastian F. Müller, UX designer at ‘Hi Emma’.

See some impressions from the „International Hackathon 2016“: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Jeh5LARV58#action=share