Pioneers Discover as Bankathon CEE supporter

„We are sure that the Bankathon will help to grow the FinTech ecosystem in Vienna“, said Harald Federspiel, consultant at Pioneers Discover, about the first Bankathon in Vienna. His hint for the participating teams: „A hack is an innovative solution to a real-world problem. It doesn’t need to be a big thing – simply team-up and build something that you would use yourself!“ Read more about his motivation to support the Bankathon CEE.

Harald Federspiel, Consultant at Pioneers Discover

Harald Federspiel, Consultant at Pioneers Discover

Short personal profile of Bankathon supporter

Name: Harald Federspiel
Position: Consultant, Pioneers Discover
I’m excited about FinTech because …
Around 6bn people will be using a smartphone by 2020 while today still 2bn people do not have access to a bank account. I am fascinated how disruptive technologies like blockchain will change that and bring trust and efficiency in the exchange of anything.

Have you ever taken part in a Hackathon? What are you most looking forward to?

At Pioneers Discover we organize Hackathons several times a year with different companies in various sectors. Every Hackathon has something special, and I am always looking forward to meeting talented minds with creative ideas in a competitive environment and seeing what the outcomes are.

Twice in Frankfurt, once in Hamburg, and now the Bankathon is in Vienna. What do you think of Vienna as a city for FinTech?

Vienna has an aspiring FinTech scene. Initiatives like the FinTech Meetup, Bank Accelerator Programs and new Startup Campuses like Talent Garden and weXelerate will further develop this ecosystem. The central location of Vienna as the gateway to eastern Europe with a couple of major banks and financial institutions form a perfect surrounding for a FinTech hub.

What was your primary motivation for taking part as a Bankathon supporter? What insights are you hoping for?

Vienna still needs development in order to become a major FinTech hub like Berlin or London. Therefore cross-company events, like the Bankathon, where different banks and financial service companies work together, are necessary and the right way to go. Pioneers, with its Events, Ventures and Discover business units, is supporting startups, corporations and governments to drive innovation and to push the development of the ecosystem.

The Bankathon is being held for the first time in Austria. What kind of positive impact do you think it could have?

We are sure that the Bankathon will help to grow the FinTech ecosystem in Vienna. It is important that corporations that compete against each other work together on a bigger picture to solve major challenges and improve products and services for customers.

If you could give the teams one last tip before they start, what would you say?

Take the opportunity to interact with the bankers, recognize your problems, but remain true to yourself and have fun developing the banking of the future.



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