PSD2 is targeting all of Europe – so does Bankathon!

When in early 2015 we were looking for a place or association for FinTech developers we couldn’t find any. But we knew how crucial this was for the development of the industry. As meetups or conferences tend to be a little less attractive for such a target audience, we knew a hackathon focused on FinTech would be required: the idea for the first Bankathon was born!

But we had no idea where this was going… Fast forward to 2017 and three events later, Bankathon is now an unique community of FinTech developers that want to push the financial service industry forward. Being independent and open, aiming at collaboration between all players and focusing on doing rather than talking – this is different to its many new counterparts. It is a symbol for the new FinTech mindset and was a major contributor to the FinTech boom in Germany of the last few years.

It’s always full house at the final pitches of Bankathon

At figo we have learned that traditional financial services may stay within borders, but FinTech does not! This is especially true because the new European legislation PSD2 is providing challenges and opportunities to banks all over Europe. Our Bankathons were always a good indicator for participating banks to see where the industry is heading and helped them to prepare accordingly. Additionally, banks were able to exchange and interact with many FinTech startups and developers which created the perfect place for FinTech cooperation.

Bankathon goes to Vienna

That is why we realised that we should also introduce the Bankathon mindset to other countries. Therefore, we are happy to announce that the next Bankathon will be on 29th – 31st May in Vienna. We have seen a rapid evolution in FinTech in Austria and believe now is the right time for a Bankathon CEE (Central and Eastern Europe).

The winning teams and sponsors of our 3rd Bankathon

Organising an event outside of your home country is not easy. That’s why we are very happy that the winners of our last Bankathon in Hamburg – IntraBase – will support us as the local co-organisers. In the last weeks we have signed initial sponsorships, booked a venue and found great supporters throughout the whole industry. We will present each of them in interviews in the coming weeks. Additionally, further details such as prizes, jury reveals and challenges will be released as well. Be sure to sign up for our Bankathon newsletter if you don’t want to miss any news: Sign up for our newsletter.

Join us

If you’re a friendly hacker who wants to push the financial service industry ahead, then you have no other choice than to sign up for a developer ticket for the first Bankathon CEE. We also have very limited tickets for non-developers. Get your tickets now!

Last but not least: Bankathon is half FinTech startups and developers and half banks and traditional financial providers. Participating banks not only get a glimpse of the hot topics in FinTech but also have the chance to promote themselves in the FinTech community, understand better what PSD will cause, learn how to run hackathons and can affect their whole company positively by sending their own team. Are you a bank and interested in getting actively involved?



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