Our ‘Banking as a Service’ platform is the link between the traditional financial world and modern financial solutions, allowing figo customers to focus exclusively on the development of their products and applications.

figo for every service
  • figo Banking API
  • Over 3,100 sources of finance
  • 55 million users in Germany and Austria
  • Aggregation of financial data
  • Account information queries
  • Execution of transactions

→ All of this is available to you in our ‘Banking as a Service’ platform!

figo for financial institutions
  • figo Banking API
  • Aggregation of financial data to model the financial reality of your customers
  • XS2A within the context of PSD2
  • Account information (AIS) and payment initiation services (PIS)

→ You get all of this in a ‘Banking as a Service’ platform that you can implement within bank-specific infrastructure!

How does figo work?

Without figo

Because of so many different interfaces, the integration of sources of finance is complex, time consuming, and costly.

With figo

The figo ‘Banking as a Service’ platform enables simple, fast and cost-effective integration of sources of finance.


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