Our expertise and open mindset helps us to accomplish our goal: Enable and ensure data driven value creation in financial services. With figo’s technology, our partners and clients create new value streams and – together with us – transform the way we think about and use banking.

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Our products give you the power to create inspiring user experiences with an impressive time to market. Built to be the perfect fit for products and services created by banks, insurers, software companies, FinTechs or anyone with the need of financial data to be implemented in their digital service.

We have developed all the necessary connections between financial sources, so you can focus exclusively on building the best service for your customers.
Learn more about our banking platform and discover how our products can help to make your ideas for new services reality.

figo supports

  • 1.Banks, Insurers & Financial Institutions
  • 2.FinTechs, Lenders & E-Commerce
  • 3.Software Companies & Payment Service Provider