figo talks PSD2 #7: Commission’s RTS fallback proposal: balanced or unfortunate?!

Let’s talk RTS – it’s getting technical!

Today’s ‘figo talks PSD2’ podcast is all about the newest developments of the so called Regulatory Technical Standards (RTS) concerning a fallback solution needed to be provided by banks. This fallback solution will happen in case of unavailability or inadequate performance of the interface.

In today’s 7th episode of ‘figo talks PSD2’ we are discussing the topic with:

Foto of Sebastian Tiesler, Chief Product Officer @figo

Sebastian Tiesler, Chief Product Officer

Foto of Joachim Penk, Chief Technology Officer @figo

Joachim Penk, Chief Technology Officer







Foto of Cornelia Schwertner, Head of Regulation @figo

Cornelia Schwertner, Head of Regulation

Foto of Nadja Schlössel, Global Strategy and Brand @figo

Nadja Schlössel, Global Strategy and Brand








We are talking about:

  • Introduction of the current status of the RTS
  • Getting often misunderstood terms straight
  • The fallback proposal – what’s that?
  • What does the fallback mean for the XS2A API strategy of a bank?
  • What are the technical needs, if a bank decides to provide a dedicated XS2A interface?
  • How could a PSD2 compliant direct access look like?
  • What’s the advantage of using a well-performing API?
  • … enjoy listening yourself, now!


Regulatory Technical Standards made easy: RTS Change Log!

Click on the pic to get the brand new ‘RTS Change Log’!

figo shares the change log version of the RTS with you! Have you ever wondered about what was actually changed in the Regulatory Technical Standards defining the “technical how to” of the Payment Services Directive 2 (PSD2)? It’s a tough job to keep track of the ever changing “final drafts” of the RTS, right?

figo_PSD2: RTS Change Log

We love to make your life easier. With our technology and the related topics. So sharing our progress in keeping track of the changing requirements of relevant banking regulation feels like the right thing to do for us.


Bankathon CEE: BAWAG P.S.K., Erste Bank, Raiffeisenbank International & UniCredit work toward a common cause

Viennese FinTech company ChillBill wins it! For the first time, women decided the Bankathon

Bankathon winner ChillBill © Tom Roschanek

Bankathon winner ChillBill © Tom Roschanek

Bankathon CEE – Figures, data, facts

The special programming competition is focussed on banking and financial services. Organized by FinTech companies figo and IntraBase, the now tried and tested concept took place for the first time in Vienna, under the motto “PSD2 and beyond”. The Payment Services Directive 2 (PSD2) is a topic currently being implemented by banks, for which new players on the market – the FinTechs – already have solutions. So why not bring together all parties, let loose their creativity, and reinvent the banking of the future with the intensity that only a 30-hour-long programming competition can offer? Said and done! Over 250 guests, including 75 brilliant programmers and product developers from twelve nations across 24 teams, made the first bankathon in Vienna! And at the end of it, more than €10,000 in prizes have been awarded. Diamond sponsors rewarded their personal favorite teams with their own prizes. (more…)

Bankathon CEE: Interview with Gold-Sponsor TCI Consult

TCI Consult made a last minute decision and changed their role at Bankathon CEE from Supporter to Gold-Sponsor! Franz Amesberger, CEO of TCI Consult in Vienna told us why. In the run-up to this special event he was looking forward to a high level of creativity and inspiration and making new contacts. We know now: He hasn’t been dissapointed!


Bankathon CEE: Raiffeisen Bank International is Diamond-Sponsor

All you ever wanted: Drive a Maserati? You should absolutely read on! But, let’s start at the beginning.With Raiffeisen Bank International we could win another well-known Austrian Bank as a sponsor for the Bankathn CEE. Hannes Cizek, Head of Group Digital Banking, answered our questions. For him, FinTechs are future partners. And the Bankathon offers a place for exchange of experience and knowledge. He is looking forward to meeting new faces, sharing interesting thoughts and learning new things from pioneers in the startup and developer scene.


Enough with tactics and lobbying on PSD2 – back to the basic ideas, please!

Approaching the PSD2 finish line, the fronts harden

If you are a payment and banking nerd monitoring the press at the moment, you might think the world is ending or at the very least companies and consumers are in imminent danger. Just Monday morning I heard a comment on the German radio on the topic of PSD2 and in my daily newspaper, I saw German Banking Association boss Michael Kemmer. (more…)

KI finance is Bankathon CEE supporter

The Ki finance Team is one of the repeat attenders. They supported the Bankathon in Germany before. This year Jens Kohnen and his team are really looking forward to the exchange with developers, FinTech enthusiasts and experts from the industry. In addition, he can imagine that topics like Voice and Analytics will play a bigger role this year. His opinion on Vienna as a FinTech location: “With regard to modern solutions for payment transactions and banking, Austria is actually ahead of us. Not to mention that the flagship FinTech N26 was founded by two Viennese.” (more…)

Taking Value out of the Bankathon – the Banker’s Perspective (#6)

figo talks PSD2 Podcast Ep. 6: Taking Value out of the Bankathon - the Banker's Perspective

figo talks PSD2 again! This time in English and about the value banks see in attending a Hackathon – more specifically the Bankathon! The Bankathon will leave Germany for the first time and travel to Vienna. Bringing the Bankathon to the CEE region we are talking to:

Alessio De Icco (BeeOne/Erste Group), Marcus Kapun (BAWAG P.S.K.) proving, that banks can sit in the same boat! Made possible by the Bankathon.

Bankathon - the FinTech Hackathon



We are talking about: (more…)

Bankathon CEE: Interview with Janos Pereczes from CEE Fintech

“I’m excited about FinTech because it enhances user experience in banking and makes banks wake up from their 10-year long sleep”, said Janos Pereczes in his Bankathon interview. That’s why hackathons are important. They could make banks realise how FinTech startups can help them develop. (more…)

Bankathon CEE: Interview with Mario Brkić from BeeOne (Erste Bank)

Mario Brkić from BeeOne (Erste Group)

Mario Brkić from BeeOne (Erste Group)

Erste Bank was the first Sponsor we could convince with the Bankathon concept. The idea behind this special event has been emphasised by Mario Brkić, product owner who focuses on R&D and partnerships at BeeOne, a subsidiary of Erste Group.

When asked about his FinTech enthusiasm, Mario stated: “And the best thing is that, apart from other industries, when you’re really successful in FinTech you can actually change people’s lives for the better”.