Bankathon #5 Berlin: Interview with media partner finletter

To bring an event like the Bankathon to success, not only sponsors are required but media partners as well. That’s why we are happy to have finletter as a media partner. figo has a special relationship to the finletter founders Carolin Neumann and Clas Beese. Two years ago we worked in the Betahaus Hamburg. And now we still work together and support each other – even though there is no physical proximity. Carolin and Clas created with finletter a medium that is already a crucial part in the financial sector. The finletter provides the best weekly FinTech overview that conveys the impression of not missing financial news. In the interview they tell us why it is important to them to support the Bankathon.

finletter founder Carolin Neumann and Clas Beese initiated also Fintech Week Hamburg

Short personal profile

Clas Beese & Carolin Neumann
Position & Company:
Founder of finletter and initiators of Fintech Week Hamburg
When and what was your first encounter with FinTech?
Clas was already an account holder at an online bank in 1998, even if the term “FinTech” wasn’t really known at that time. And then Clas got Carolin well and truly infected by the subject in 2014 when he founded his first FinTech startup. Together they started the FinTech industry media outlet finletter.

For the first time, the Bankathon is taking place in Berlin. Is this long overdue or would another city – in Germany or Europe in general – be more suitable?

Carolin: Coming from Hamburg, of course, we thought it was great when the Bankathon took place here, but Berlin should also experience it once before it returns home next year 😉

This time, the Bankathon will focus on the impact of PSD2 in specific areas. Which area outside banking could benefit from the new EU Directive?

Clas: I’m hoping for a lot in terms of contract optimization. More companies will be creating smart algorithms that help customers find out whether they have the best cell phone, internet or insurance contracts. And more in terms of banking, PSD2 can revolutionize financial education: instead of playing board games, you can improve your financial fitness – sensible consumption, active savings, healthy spending structures – in a more relevant way, with your own assets.

Have you personally had a taste of the hackathon air? What do you think are the biggest effects of hackathons on the financial industry?

Clas: As a media partner we are of course involved in various hackathons and also keep a close eye on those from the classical financial industry who offer their thoughts here and are rewarded with inspiration and feedback. That product development is no longer kept secret is a real change for the industry. This type of coopetition, working both with and against each other, is a totally modern way of competing.

What was the impetus for your media partnership? Which are you hoping to learn and how will that be able to flow into everyday banking life?

Carolin: When we experienced the 2016 Bankathon at Fintech Week, what we loved most was the open working atmosphere and creativity of the participants. That’s why we wanted to be a partner for 2017. If even a trace of the innovative spirit of such a weekend could become the norm in traditional financial institutions, it would be great for the industry.



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