Bankathon #6 Frankfurt: Gold Sponsor VERIMI

Today, we present to you the two-time Gold Sponsor of Bankathon: VERIMI! The identity platform was founded in 2018 by several leading German companies in their respective fields, among them Allianz and Deutsche Bank. Their aim is to establish an European standard for secure electronic identity verification with a strong focus on data privacy. Participants of Bankathon #6 are also able to use VERIMI’s API for the development of their prototypes. But that’s still not all: They will also sponsor one of events’ tracks – more on that soon! We are glad to have such a forward-thinking startup among Bankathon’s supporters!

This is what VERIMI has to say about their relationship with Bankathon and figo:

“VERIMI integrates figo’s services in order to give users the possibility, to verify their bank account data. This service serves as basis for future payments via VERIMI. Furthermore, VERIMI supports the Bankathon for the second time and is looking forward to an exciting event with great new impulses.”

Bankathon #6 Frankfurt: Gold Sponsor VERIMI

You want to give such new impulses with your prototype? Then get your tickets for Bankathon #6! There are overall 15.000€ prize money waiting for the winning teams:

More information about the sponsors, winners and tracks of the last five Bankathons can be found here.


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