Bankathon #6 Frankfurt: Silver Sponsor Senacor

May we introduce Senacor, Silver Sponsor of Bankathon #6? The provider for business and IT transformation, digitization and individual software development supports the event for the third time already! Also, they participate with their own developer team.

The company says the following about our event:

“Senacor is associated to the Bankathon for a while now and sponsored as well as participated with a developer team multiple times. We like that the event is a gathering of the FinTech industry while productive and innovative banking software is being built!”

Bankathon #6 Frankfurt: Silver Sponsor Senacor
If you want to live up to the challenge and create an innovative prototype within just 30 hours, sign up now for Bankathon #6! Overall 15.000€ prize money awaits you!

More information about the sponsors, winners and tracks of the last five Bankathons can be found here.


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