Bankathon CEE: Interview with Gold-Sponsor TCI Consult

TCI Consult made a last minute decision and changed their role at Bankathon CEE from Supporter to Gold-Sponsor! Franz Amesberger, CEO of TCI Consult in Vienna told us why. In the run-up to this special event he was looking forward to a high level of creativity and inspiration and making new contacts. We know now: He hasn’t been dissapointed!

Franz Amesberger, TCI Consult CEO ©Betti Plach

Franz Amesberger, TCI Consult CEO ©Betti Plach

Kurzer persönlicher Steckbrief

Name: Franz Amesberger
Position & Unternehmen: CEO of TCI Consult, Vienna
I’m excited about FinTech because…
it not only frees the creative forces of the young generation, but also offers challenges and opportunities. Above all, I like the zeitgeisty, unpretentious approach of committed talents, who have the courage and technical skills to forge a new path within an established industry.

Have you ever taken part in a hackathon? What are you most looking forward to?

Recently, I was invited to a hackathon and was amazed at the prototypes of apps and games created in a very short time by teams that had only just met. I’m looking forward to a high level of creativity and inspiration and making new contacts, and also to share my own experience.

What is the greatest value of FinTech for you?

I am interested in the useful monetarization of data. It’s not just a matter of digitizing money processes, but above all a good added value. TCI Consult enjoys a high level of expertise in information management, oriented toward the best possible use of existing data. FinTech, with its new technologies, is transforming classic business intelligence into an “intelligent business”. The ideal is to integrate new approaches into the framework of classical analysis, namely to determine the value of information at a reasonable time and cost, and to derive an advantage for all parties involved. What is especially important for banks is to accelerate these processes and change focus from an internal view to an outside view.

After twice in Frankfurt and once in Hamburg the Bankathon now comes to Vienna. How would you rate Vienna as a FinTech location?

Vienna has a lot to offer as a location and I would like to see Vienna go the path of Berlin and Paris soon. London is still ahead, despite Brexit.

What insights do you expect to see?

I’m interested in new scalable and economically sustainable business models in the financial sector. What I hope to see in this context are forward-looking examples with an insight into current trends.

The Bankathon is taking place for the first time in Austria. What do you think the positive effects could be?

The FinTech sector encourages digital transformation and can be an important impetus for the development of the national economy. On a micro level, group dynamics and the clear need for hard work play a role. Even with high demands, there’s a cooperative work style and a lot of fun to be had.

If you could give the teams one last tip a few minutes before the start, what would you tell them?

Have fun and be clever!


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