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Bankathon #6 – The original returns to Frankfurt

The Bankathon reaches half a dozen! The sixth edition of the FinTech- and banking-related hackathon will take place from 27 to 29 August 2018 in Frankfurt am Main, this time as part of the Handelsblatt Conference “Banking Summit”. The Bankathon brings together representatives of banks and FinTech, developers, industry experts and other interested parties. Based on prototypes developed there, they experience where the “open banking” journey, driven by the PSD2, can go. As an independent platform, the event is the perfect place for open exchange – free of any silo mentality. This is proven by the success it’s already had: after five events, a network of more than 1,000 developers has now been created around the Bankathon, and more than 400 participants have so far programmed around 100 creative solutions.

20 teams, 30 hours, €15,000 prize money

Whether individual developers, prospective founders or entire teams of startups and established companies – everyone is welcome and can prove their creativity in one of the themed tracks which debuted in Berlin and generate a variety of ideas and high-quality prototypes. The framework for the tracks is provided by the PSD2, which is also the topic of the partnering conference, “Banking Summit”. “Both events complement each other perfectly,” explains André M. Bajorat, figo CEO and Bankathon founder. “While experts at the conference are discussing how banks and banking will change in the future, teams at the Bankathon are developing implementation options for it in practice.” Exactly 30 hours are available to the participating teams to implement their ideas in the Frankfurt FinTech hub TechQuartier. The winners can look forward to a total of €15,000 in prize money.

Cooperation with the Handelsblatt Conference “Banking Summit”

Bankathon #6 is part of “Banking Summit”, which takes place 29 to 30 August. The Final Pitches will take place on August 29 as a segment of the Handelsblatt Conference at Kap Europa. There, the teams will present their results to the jury and guests. “For a long time we wanted to expand the ‘Banking Summit’ with a hackathon,” Carola Bergmann, Conference Director Euroforum, explains. “We are all the more pleased that we have now found an ideal partner with the Bankathon.” In addition, André M. Bajorat, together with Bankathon participants at “Banking Summit”, will explain on 30 August why hackathons are so important to the banking industry.

Sponsors and supporters

As always, the sixth edition of the Bankathon will feature giants from the banking scene and finance as sponsors and supporters, including Aareal Bank, apoBank, Association of German Banks, Deutsche Börse Group, Hanseatic Bank, KI finance, main incubator, RatePAY, Senacor, verimi and VISA.

Further information and registration

Interested parties can find out more about the event as well as registration and sponsoring information at bankathon.net/frankfurt.


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The figo Bankathon is getting its own spinoff: BANKATHONx

figo is making it possible for banks, companies and anyone interested to organise their own FinTech hackathon tailored to their individual requirements: the BANKATHONx!

Want to increase awareness of your company? Make yourself known as an attractive employer? Become a master of innovation? Form new alliances?

👉 You can do all this and more with your own BANKATHONx. figo will design the event according to your aims and tailor it to your corporate strategy. Additionally, our team will support you with the organising, acquiring participants, marketing and implementation. As the host of a BANKATHONx, you’ll benefit from a well-known brand and attract the attention of an entire industry.


Bankathon #5 Berlin: #ChatSurance triumphs, everybody wins

#ChatSurance shows the possibilities of ‘Open Banking’, combines FinTech with InsurTech and walks away from the Bankathon stage as the winner

Combination of various APIs and inclusion of ‘Alexa’ impress jury

Bankathon #5 Berlin © www.mike-auerbach.com

© www.mike-auerbach.com

figo has done it again: For the fifth time, the Hamburg-based FinTech company has put on the banking and FinTech hackathon. Venue: Berlin. Wear and tear? Nowhere to be seen! The fact that the Bankathon is established as a neutral platform in the financial sector, bringing together the most – and we mean the most – diverse players in the industry, particularly shines in this fifth edition. Banks, industry associations, payment providers, initiatives, credit bureaus, company builders, consultancies and cloud providers were among the sponsors and supporters. 20 teams from different nations addressed the topic “PSD2 & … ?!”. In the end, their prototypes had to be found within the topics of Health, Identity, Insurance, SME or Travel.

See the video from the Association of German Banks “Bankathon #5 in 60 seconds” (German):


Here you can look at and download our detailed Bankathon #5 recap presentation:

Dropbox link


Bankathon #5 Berlin: Interview with Gold Sponsor Deutsche Bank

In principle, PSD2 opens up possibilities for all kinds of companies that could allow them to improve existing products and services through banking data and create new products by combining their technology with bank data”, said Niklas Grunewald from Deutsche Bank Innovation Labs, Berlin. Thanks a lot for answering the interview and supporting the Bankathon as a Gold Sponsor. We could not imagine a Bankathon without Deutsche Bank! 💙 (more…)

Bankathon #5 Berlin: Interview with Supporter ‘Association of German Banks’

“Hackathons show us, in the financial industry, many new options. And they demonstrate that no complex and cost-intensive projects or consultation/coordination loops are necessary to be innovative”, explains Andreas Krautscheid, Member of the Senior Management Board, Association of German Banks (Bundesverband deutscher Banken) in this interview. Yes you’ve read correctly: The Association of German banks supports the Bankathon for the first time. By this, we demonstrate once more that the Bankathon principles are bearing fruits:  As a neutral platform, we bring together all the different parties of the financial services industry. We are really looking forward to Bankathon #5 in Berlin next week.


Bankathon #5 Berlin: Interview with Diamond Sponsor Visa

“We hope the Bankathon will allow developers to leverage our Visa Developer Platform, giving us valuable input on how to use and improve our APIs. And of course, it would be a highlight if, like last year, our APIs help the team that wins it”, explained Michael Hoffmann Visa’s motivation to support the Bankathon as a Diamond Sponsor. We are happy to have you again on board and thanks for providing one out of six APIs! 🙏🏻 💪🏻

Bankathon #5 Berlin: Interview with Gold Sponsor verimi

You scratch my back and i’ll scratch yours! On September 20th figo supported verimi in realising their first hackathon. Now, verimi supports figo’s Bankathon in Berlin with a Gold Sponsorship. Donata Hopfen, verimi CEO, told us that she is looking forward to working together with the teams to use the verimi interface to develop new solutions that are relevant to the banking industry. Thanks for supporting us!!! 🙏🏻 (more…)

Bankathon #5 Berlin: Interview with media partner finletter

To bring an event like the Bankathon to success, not only sponsors are required but media partners as well. That’s why we are happy to have finletter as a media partner. figo has a special relationship to the finletter founders Carolin Neumann and Clas Beese. Two years ago we worked in the Betahaus Hamburg. And now we still work together and support each other – even though there is no physical proximity. Carolin and Clas created with finletter a medium that is already a crucial part in the financial sector. The finletter provides the best weekly FinTech overview that conveys the impression of not missing financial news. In the interview they tell us why it is important to them to support the Bankathon.


Bankathon #5 Berlin: Interview with Diamond Sponsor Hanseatic Bank

CEO Hanseatic Bank

“We are always looking for new services and products to inspire our customers. We like to try new things and are currently working on many innovative projects. Of course, at the Bankathon we hope that our team comes up with an idea that we can actually implement later on”, said Michel Billon, CEO Hanseatic Bank. By answering the last question he provides a look behind the scenes! In Hamburg Hanseatic Bank supported the Bankathon the first time as a sponsor. This time they are supporting us as a Diamond Sponsoring. Thanks a lot for that! We are looking forward to having you in Berlin and good luck for your participating team! (more…)

Bankathon #5 Berlin: Interview with Diamond Sponsor apoBank

The Bankathon ist getting closer. We want to present you our sponsors and their motivation also this time. The first one is apoBank! apoFuture – an interdisciplinary team from different departments – answered our questions together. They told us that they got in very early with FinTechs, that customers’ digital wallets can become “smarter” with PSD2 and that they would appreciate a Bankathon in Dusseldorf. Maybe there are more supporters of this idea?!