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Bankathon #6 Frankfurt: Silver Sponsor Axway

Today we present to you: Axway, Silver Sponsor of Bankathon #6The IT company offers API management services also to players of the financial services industry. As such a provider Axway is the perfect fit for an API-driven event like the Bankathon! Of course, they make their API available to Bankathon #6 participants who can get creative with it.


Bankathon #6 Frankfurt: Silver Sponsor iNNOVO Cloud

A huge thank you goes to iNNOVO Cloud, Silver Sponsor of Bankathon #6. The full service cloud platform provider sponsors the event for the second time now. Among the company’s customers are financial institutions, FinTechs as well as SMEs.


Bankathon #6 Frankfurt: Gold Sponsor VERIMI

Today, we present to you the two-time Gold Sponsor of Bankathon: VERIMI! The identity platform was founded in 2018 by several leading German companies in their respective fields, among them Allianz and Deutsche Bank. Their aim is to establish an European standard for secure electronic identity verification with a strong focus on data privacy. Participants of Bankathon #6 are also able to use VERIMI’s API for the development of their prototypes. But that’s still not all: They will also sponsor one of events’ tracks – more on that soon! We are glad to have such a forward-thinking startup among Bankathon’s supporters!


Bankathon #6 Frankfurt: Gold Sponsor Deutsche Bank

Deutsche Bank is Gold Sponsor of Bankathon #6! We are proud that one of Germany’s biggest banks is supporting our event! Also, they are going to provide their API to the participants, so they develop new and creative use cases that rely on it.

Here is what Deutsche Bank has to say about their relationship to figo and the Bankathon:

“With figo we realized our financial planner multibanking and enabled our customers to integrate all their bank accounts to their online- and mobile-banking. Now we are looking forward to the next level and to new challenging ideas and concepts at figo’s Bankathon.”


Bankathon #6 Frankfurt: Diamond Sponsor Visa

Today is Visa’s turn. They are Diamond Sponsor of Bankathon #6 and are supporting our event for the fourth time already! Thank you so much for staying with us for such a long time!

They are not only sponsoring the event but they will also provide APIs from their Developer Platform, so the participants can get creative with it. Of course, Visa’s Team will be present during the event and help out any developers regarding their APIs.

Here is what Visa has to say about the Bankathon:

“The Bankathon has established itself as an important event in the calendar of the FinTech industry and underlines the importance of APIs for the world of banks. We are partnering up for the fourth time this year and – just like in 2017 – are going to sponsor our own track. We look forward to creative ideas that spring from the cooperation of banking experts and developers and are excited to see the use cases, that combine APIs of the Visa Developer Platform with interfaces of other players.”


Bankathon #6 Frankfurt: Diamond Sponsor Hanseatic Bank

We start this week with the presentation of our Diamond Sponsor Hanseatic Bank. The financial institution was founded in 1969 and is known for its  cooperations with FinTechs and openness to innovation. This makes them the perfect match for Bankathon – which is probably why they are supporting the event for the third time already! We thank you for your continuous support!

Here is what they have to say about the event:

“The cooperation between figo and Hanseatic Bank has existed for years now. We are always happy to support figo’s Bankathon to foster an environment where talented people can create truly useful products and services for customers in such a concentrated approach. We always experience it as a great place for inspiration and valuable networking.”


Bankathon #6 Frankfurt: Diamond Sponsor Aareal Bank

Today, exactly one month before Bankathon #6 starts, we introduce our Bankathon #6 Diamond Sponsor Aareal Bank. They are active in Europe, North America as well as Asia and specialise – among other things – in the financing of office buildings, logistics and residential properties as well as shopping centres and hotels.

This is what Aareal Bank has to say about the Bankathon:

“We are happy to be there for the second time after 2016. At Bankathon #6 we want to provide impulses for the design of future services in the banking and real estate sectors and rely on the competence already available in the Group with our own developer teams”.


Bankathon #6 Frankfurt: Diamond Sponsor apoBank

Without our sponsors, Bankathon would not be what it is today. We owe them a lot and to show our gratitude, we will present every single sponsor of Bankathon #6 to you. Our Diamond Sponsor apoBank marks the beginning!

The bank focuses on customers that work in healthcare, for example physicians, dentists and pharmacists. Here is what the third time sponsor has to say about Bankathon #6: “Having participated as a sponsor the last few years, we are happy to not only be a diamond sponsor this year but also send our own developer team for the first time. We are looking forward to coding and wish the best luck to all teams.”


Bankathon #6 – The original returns to Frankfurt

The Bankathon reaches half a dozen! The sixth edition of the FinTech- and banking-related hackathon will take place from 27 to 29 August 2018 in Frankfurt am Main, this time as part of the Handelsblatt Conference “Banking Summit”. The Bankathon brings together representatives of banks and FinTech, developers, industry experts and other interested parties. Based on prototypes developed there, they experience where the “open banking” journey, driven by the PSD2, can go. As an independent platform, the event is the perfect place for open exchange – free of any silo mentality. This is proven by the success it’s already had: after five events, a network of more than 1,000 developers has now been created around the Bankathon, and more than 400 participants have so far programmed around 100 creative solutions.

20 teams, 30 hours, €15,000 prize money

Whether individual developers, prospective founders or entire teams of startups and established companies – everyone is welcome and can prove their creativity in one of the themed tracks which debuted in Berlin and generate a variety of ideas and high-quality prototypes. The framework for the tracks is provided by the PSD2, which is also the topic of the partnering conference, “Banking Summit”. “Both events complement each other perfectly,” explains André M. Bajorat, figo CEO and Bankathon founder. “While experts at the conference are discussing how banks and banking will change in the future, teams at the Bankathon are developing implementation options for it in practice.” Exactly 30 hours are available to the participating teams to implement their ideas in the Frankfurt FinTech hub TechQuartier. The winners can look forward to a total of €15,000 in prize money.


The figo Bankathon is getting its own spinoff: BANKATHONx

figo is making it possible for banks, companies and anyone interested to organise their own FinTech hackathon tailored to their individual requirements: the BANKATHONx!

Want to increase awareness of your company? Make yourself known as an attractive employer? Become a master of innovation? Form new alliances?

👉 You can do all this and more with your own BANKATHONx. figo will design the event according to your aims and tailor it to your corporate strategy. Additionally, our team will support you with the organising, acquiring participants, marketing and implementation. As the host of a BANKATHONx, you’ll benefit from a well-known brand and attract the attention of an entire industry.