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figo RegShield: The first PSD2-compliant product is live in Germany

figo RegShield: The first PSD2-compliant product is live in Germany

figo RegShield: The first PSD2-compliant product is live in Germany

Via Passporting, the company is preparing for the Europe-wide rollout

For three months, Hamburg-based FinTech figo has been a payment institution supervised by BaFin, permitted to offer account information (AIS) and payment initiation services (PIS) – to date the only company in Germany with such authorisation. In the context of the licence, the company has been granted permission to offer a ‘licence-as-a-service’ model: figo RegShield makes it possible for partners to offer their services without having their own registration or licence from BaFin, despite PSD2. In early November 2018, the product went live, with third-party vendors already using the capabilities of RegShield and the first PSD2-compliant services in Germany being conducted with figo.

Bankathon # 6: RatePAY wins with #swopp

15,000 euros in prize money, 30 hours of coding time, 24 pitches, 16 sponsors, 7 APIs, 5 winners, 4 theme tracks, 3 days, 2 photographers, 1 camera team and the world’s best barista …

… – all told, that’s exactly what you need to describe the sixth Bankathon, which returned to Frankfurt, with interest in the FinTech and banking hackathon continuing unabated. With the TechQuartier as a location for coding and the Handelsblatt ‘Bank Summit’ as a partner for the final pitches, the orga team was able to offer participants and guests exactly what the Bankathon stands for: a platform where the traditional banking world meet industry newcomers at eye level and have meaningful interactions. Here is a detailed recap of the event including teams.


Bankathon #6 Frankfurt: Gold Sponsor Deutsche Bank

Deutsche Bank is Gold Sponsor of Bankathon #6! We are proud that one of Germany’s biggest banks is supporting our event! Also, they are going to provide their API to the participants, so they develop new and creative use cases that rely on it.

Here is what Deutsche Bank has to say about their relationship to figo and the Bankathon:

“With figo we realized our financial planner multibanking and enabled our customers to integrate all their bank accounts to their online- and mobile-banking. Now we are looking forward to the next level and to new challenging ideas and concepts at figo’s Bankathon.”


Bankathon #6 Frankfurt: Diamond Sponsor Visa

Today is Visa’s turn. They are Diamond Sponsor of Bankathon #6 and are supporting our event for the fourth time already! Thank you so much for staying with us for such a long time!

They are not only sponsoring the event but they will also provide APIs from their Developer Platform, so the participants can get creative with it. Of course, Visa’s Team will be present during the event and help out any developers regarding their APIs.

Here is what Visa has to say about the Bankathon:

“The Bankathon has established itself as an important event in the calendar of the FinTech industry and underlines the importance of APIs for the world of banks. We are partnering up for the fourth time this year and – just like in 2017 – are going to sponsor our own track. We look forward to creative ideas that spring from the cooperation of banking experts and developers and are excited to see the use cases, that combine APIs of the Visa Developer Platform with interfaces of other players.”


Bankathon #6 Frankfurt: Diamond Sponsor Hanseatic Bank

We start this week with the presentation of our Diamond Sponsor Hanseatic Bank. The financial institution was founded in 1969 and is known for its  cooperations with FinTechs and openness to innovation. This makes them the perfect match for Bankathon – which is probably why they are supporting the event for the third time already! We thank you for your continuous support!

Here is what they have to say about the event:

“The cooperation between figo and Hanseatic Bank has existed for years now. We are always happy to support figo’s Bankathon to foster an environment where talented people can create truly useful products and services for customers in such a concentrated approach. We always experience it as a great place for inspiration and valuable networking.”


Bankathon #6 Frankfurt: Diamond Sponsor Aareal Bank

Today, exactly one month before Bankathon #6 starts, we introduce our Bankathon #6 Diamond Sponsor Aareal Bank. They are active in Europe, North America as well as Asia and specialise – among other things – in the financing of office buildings, logistics and residential properties as well as shopping centres and hotels.

This is what Aareal Bank has to say about the Bankathon:

“We are happy to be there for the second time after 2016. At Bankathon #6 we want to provide impulses for the design of future services in the banking and real estate sectors and rely on the competence already available in the Group with our own developer teams”.


Bankathon #6 Frankfurt: Diamond Sponsor apoBank

Without our sponsors, Bankathon would not be what it is today. We owe them a lot and to show our gratitude, we will present every single sponsor of Bankathon #6 to you. Our Diamond Sponsor apoBank marks the beginning!

The bank focuses on customers that work in healthcare, for example physicians, dentists and pharmacists. Here is what the third time sponsor has to say about Bankathon #6: “Having participated as a sponsor the last few years, we are happy to not only be a diamond sponsor this year but also send our own developer team for the first time. We are looking forward to coding and wish the best luck to all teams.”


#figoInside: Pickware introduces its Shopware plugin for automatic comparison of banks

This time on #figoInside: Samuel Vogel, CEO of Pickware. Pickware was released to the public for the first time in 2015, making life much easier for retailers – whether online or in the brick-and-mortar store. Since May 2016, the product has been the official ERP system of Shopware and now operates under the name “Shopware ERP powered by Pickware”. One of its many innovations is a plugin that automatically compares and assigns outstanding invoices and incoming bookings using figo’s technology. This saves online retailers a lot of time, to say nothing of nerves. In the following interview, Samuel Vogel tells us exactly how the idea for the plugin came about, what advice he would give to a bank CEO, and what role figo plays in Pickware.


Deutsche Börse partners with leading FinTechs to launch FinTech Acceleration platform

Deutsche Börse Group and its post-trade services provider Clearstream will partner with Germany-based FinTech figo and Luxembourg-based RegTech start-up Finologee to create a common FinTech Acceleration Platform. The launch is targeted for the fourth quarter of 2018, subject to regulatory approval.


“Liquidity bottlenecks belong to the past.” Factoring provider Rechnung48 talks in our #figoInside interview

Factoring becomes easier – thanks to figo partner Rechnung48

This time, Matthias Bommer, Managing Partner of the Elbe Finanzgruppe and founder of the Dresden factoring company Rechnung48, joins us for the #figoInside interview. The startup, founded in 2014, offers freelancers, small and medium-sized companies and the self-employed an opportunity to pre-finance outstanding money from commercial customers quickly and easily – thus improving liquidity. The following interview will show Matthias Bommer‘s opinion about FinTechs, what advice he would offer bank CEOs and how figo makes factoring even easier.