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#figoInside: JustOn Billing & Invoice Management with automatic reconciliation of transaction data

Billing and Invoicing becomes easier – thanks to figo partner JustOn

Today we talk to Marko Fliege, founder and CEO of JustOn GmbH, who answers our #figoInside questions.

JustOn was founded in 2010 with the goal of bringing easy-to-use business software to the market, which automates invoice processing and thus enormously simplifies life for companies. Today, with its JustOn Billing & Invoice Management billing software, the company is a leader in the Salesforce platform.

This innovative software digitises accounting, payment and receivables processes for medium-sized companies and can be integrated into existing IT systems. It not only saves time and money on invoice management, but also enables transparent and well-founded evaluation of key performance indicators. Many well-known customers around the world use cloud-based software to bill XaaS business models and consumption data.

In order to offer automatic data reconciliation in payment management under PSD2 without having to apply for a separate registration as an account information service at BaFin, JustOn has been using figo’s RegShield since December 2018.


#figoInside: Pickware introduces its Shopware plugin for automatic comparison of banks

This time on #figoInside: Samuel Vogel, CEO of Pickware. Pickware was released to the public for the first time in 2015, making life much easier for retailers – whether online or in the brick-and-mortar store. Since May 2016, the product has been the official ERP system of Shopware and now operates under the name “Shopware ERP powered by Pickware”. One of its many innovations is a plugin that automatically compares and assigns outstanding invoices and incoming bookings using figo’s technology. This saves online retailers a lot of time, to say nothing of nerves. In the following interview, Samuel Vogel tells us exactly how the idea for the plugin came about, what advice he would give to a bank CEO, and what role figo plays in Pickware.


“Liquidity bottlenecks belong to the past.” Factoring provider Rechnung48 talks in our #figoInside interview

Factoring becomes easier – thanks to figo partner Rechnung48

This time, Matthias Bommer, Managing Partner of the Elbe Finanzgruppe and founder of the Dresden factoring company Rechnung48, joins us for the #figoInside interview. The startup, founded in 2014, offers freelancers, small and medium-sized companies and the self-employed an opportunity to pre-finance outstanding money from commercial customers quickly and easily – thus improving liquidity. The following interview will show Matthias Bommer‘s opinion about FinTechs, what advice he would offer bank CEOs and how figo makes factoring even easier.


#figoInside: easybill introduces its cloud-based online billing software

The beginning of our #figoInside series this year will be our partner easybill. Based in Kaarst near Dusseldorf, the company’s mission is to make life easier for its customers with a cloud-based online billing software: From invoicing and recording of incoming payments to automated accounts receivable management – easybill has thought of everything that saves time and nerves for the entrepreneurs.

The founder Philipp Gesell tells us what he thinks about FinTechs, banks and PSD2, how he came up with the idea of easybill and how users benefit from figo’s technology in the #figoInside interview!


Consorsbank offers customers figo based MultiBanking

More than 10,000 account holders already have the chance to end account chaos

Based on figo technology, Consorsbank has introduced MultiBanking for its customers. They now can also add accounts and deposits they have with other banks after logging into their online banking, giving Consorsbank customers the opportunity to manage all their finances in one place and to keep an eye on their overall financial situation when they want. The technical foundation for this is figo. With its business model, the Hamburg-based FinTech company has opened the banks’ existing data and represents this new, open banking world like no other company. Banks such as Consorsbank have recognized the resulting opportunities and are using figo to offer their customers innovative banking solutions: in this case, MultiBanking. (more…)

#figoInside: take four 🎬 – with the cloud-based ERP software weclapp

The series #figoInside entered the next round. This time we present the cloud-based ERP-software weclapp. CEO Ertan Özdil answered our questions and told us, how he got the idea of creating weclapp: “The working world is changing as a result of new technologies and is becoming faster, more mobile and isn’t bound to departmental, local or national borders. This is where weclapp starts. Our ERP software enables us to work in the cloud, beyond any boundaries.”


“Bank CEOs should question everything that is assumed today” #figoInside aboalarm

aboalarm is an early figo partner since 2014. Since then the two companies have worked together in many ways. aboalarm is not only using figo in its contract checker but also participated at figos 3rd Bankathon in Hamburg where they won the second prize. Most importantly, figo and aboalarm (fintracer) have developed the transaction categorisation on top of the figo API together. Read the interview with Product Manager David Drews for more insights about Munich-based aboalarm. (more…)

Send money to every mobile number in seconds via Cringle #figoInside

Cringle App #figoInside

Cringle App #figoInside

Anyone could rent an apartment in another city with Airbnb, Anyone could rent a car with Car2Go in seconds, but nobody can pay his best friend €2.50? This annoying search for change, trying to find the nearest machine, acting like debt collectors, managing expenses, online banking – Cringle eliminates all the annoying aspects of payments between private individuals.


FastBill starts the new series #figoInside

As a provider of a ‘Banking as a Service’ platform, we are lucky enough to come into contact with a lot of new ideas about banking every day. Today, consumers can already use more than 50 different solutions based on the figo technology. Some of them are very well-known, others somewhat less. Each partner has its own story. In our series #figoInside, we would like to introduce our partners and their use cases. (more…)