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figo talks PSD2 #11: PSD2 & Innovation – What’s in for the consumer?

PSD2 & Innovation - What's in for the consumer?

Let’s talk about how to use innovative FinTech solutions under PSD2 for the greater good for the consumer!

The guests of our 11th episode of ‘figo talks PSD2’ are Jana Koch (Head of Start-up Garage | comdirect) and Nadja Schlössel (Head of Product Strategy | figo). They focus on the effects of PSD2 from the consumer’s point of view.


What are the potential risks and opportunities, being born out of Open Banking? How will PSD2 enhance the competition and change the landscape?


EXEC 2018 Recap: Podcast of the Offsite Event hosted and recorded by Spotcap

Round Table: The Future of Financial Services

Spotcap Roundtable Discussion EXEC 2018

© Spotcap


You missed the round table discussion about the future of financial services during the EXEC 2018? Or you want to listen to it again? Spotcap recorded and published the podcast & we are happy to share it with you! Tune in!



Who were the panelists?

  • André Jerenz (Associate Partner, McKinsey & Co)
  • Julian Riedlbauer (Partner, GP Bullhound)
  • Nadja Schlössel (Head of Product Strategy, figo)
  • Milos Spiridonovic (Head of Startups@Berlin, Deutsche Bank)
  • Jens Woloszczak (Founder and CEO, Spotcap)

The discussion was moderated by Nadine Schimroszik, IT correspondent at Reuters.

What were they talking about?


figo talks PSD2 #10: How Open Banking will change the world!

How Open Banking will change the world


Let’s talk about how Open Banking will change the world!

In the 10th episode of ‘figo talks PSD2’ we are talking with Ashley Groom (Global Expansion | GoCardless), Duncan Barrigan (Head of Product Management | GoCardless)  and Nadja Schlössel (Head of Product Strategy | figo). Tune in and stop the confusion with different understandings of Open Banking!


We are talking about:


figo talks PSD2 Podcast #8 – Bank the ecosystem!

Title pic of figo talks PSD2 Podcast episode 8: bank the ecosystemLet’s talk about the ecosystem model in banking!

We are back from a tiny summer breeze break! Happy to provide you with our first podcast after the little holidays break.

Today we are talking with Jamie Campbell from Bud, Lars Markull and Nadja Schlössel from figo.

In our bubble, it feels like everyone is talking about ecosystem models in banking. So we ask ourselves, is that just us, or are there more people outside thinking about how to successfully transfer the approach into the banking world. Short answer: We know we are not the only ones. Numerous talks to banks, strategy consultants and other players alike have proven the relevance of the topic. Also, the first banks are testing it out. So we invited Jamie Campbell from Bud to discuss the topic in more detail. (more…)

figo talks PSD2 #7: Commission’s RTS fallback proposal: balanced or unfortunate?!

Let’s talk RTS – it’s getting technical!

Today’s ‘figo talks PSD2’ podcast is all about the newest developments of the so called Regulatory Technical Standards (RTS) concerning a fallback solution needed to be provided by banks. This fallback solution will happen in case of unavailability or inadequate performance of the interface.

In today’s 7th episode of ‘figo talks PSD2’ we are discussing the topic with:


Foto of Joachim Penk, Chief Technology Officer @figo

Joachim Penk, Chief Technology Officer

Foto of Sebastian Tiesler, Chief Product Officer @figo

Sebastian Tiesler, Chief Product Officer







Foto of Cornelia Schwertner, Head of Regulation @figo

Cornelia Schwertner, Head of Regulation

Foto of Nadja Schlössel, Global Strategy and Brand @figo

Nadja Schlössel, Global Strategy and Brand








We are talking about:

  • Introduction of the current status of the RTS
  • Getting often misunderstood terms straight
  • The fallback proposal – what’s that?
  • What does the fallback mean for the XS2A API strategy of a bank?
  • What are the technical needs, if a bank decides to provide a dedicated XS2A interface?
  • How could a PSD2 compliant direct access look like?
  • What’s the advantage of using a well-performing API?
  • … enjoy listening yourself, now!


Taking Value out of the Bankathon – the Banker’s Perspective (#6)

figo talks PSD2 Podcast Ep. 6: Taking Value out of the Bankathon - the Banker's Perspective

figo talks PSD2 again! This time in English and about the value banks see in attending a Hackathon – more specifically the Bankathon! The Bankathon will leave Germany for the first time and travel to Vienna. Bringing the Bankathon to the CEE region we are talking to:

Alessio De Icco (BeeOne/Erste Group), Marcus Kapun (BAWAG P.S.K.) proving, that banks can sit in the same boat! Made possible by the Bankathon.

Bankathon - the FinTech Hackathon



We are talking about: (more…)

FinTech Hackathons – PSD2’s best friend? (ep. 4 of figo talks PSD2)

Episode 4 of figo talks PSD2 podcast – it’s English!

logo figo talks PSD2 episode 4: FinTech Hackathons - PSD2's best friend?

FinTech Hackathons – PSD2’s best friend?

Today we will premiere the English version with a guest from UK’s Starling Bank – Megan Caywood, Lars Markull (API Evangelist @figo) and Nadja Schlössel (Global Strategy and Brand @figo) talking about the Hackathon / PSD2 relationship.

We will talk about:

  • Why Hackathons?
  • What does a Hackathon have to do with PSD2?
  • What are the best solutions ever invented at the figo Bankathon or a Starling Bank Hackathon?

This is the premiere of ‘figo talks PSD2’ podcast in English!

We are very happy to announce that we are now also ‘talking the PSD2’ in a language that most of you Europeans are able to understand. And that is not German, but English!

But first things first. We would like to give you a brief introduction of what ‘figo talks PSD2’ is.

What it is.

Knowledgable. Entertaining. Questioning. Answering. Discussing..


For 20 minutes experts talk about a – somehow – PSD2 regulation related topic. Tech, philosophy, security, let us surprise you! You will find your topics too.


Every topic will be covered by two or three experts. It could be figos or guests from the community (Banks, FinTechs, Developers and other people with knowledge to share). We will select the relevant experts and ask them to do the PSD2 dance with us and for you.

For whom?