figo talks PSD2 #7: Commission’s RTS fallback proposal: balanced or unfortunate?!

Let’s talk RTS – it’s getting technical!

Today’s ‘figo talks PSD2’ podcast is all about the newest developments of the so called Regulatory Technical Standards (RTS) concerning a fallback solution needed to be provided by banks. This fallback solution will happen in case of unavailability or inadequate performance of the interface.

In today’s 7th episode of ‘figo talks PSD2’ we are discussing the topic with:


Foto of Joachim Penk, Chief Technology Officer @figo

Joachim Penk, Chief Technology Officer

Foto of Sebastian Tiesler, Chief Product Officer @figo

Sebastian Tiesler, Chief Product Officer







Foto of Cornelia Schwertner, Head of Regulation @figo

Cornelia Schwertner, Head of Regulation

Foto of Nadja Schlössel, Global Strategy and Brand @figo

Nadja Schlössel, Global Strategy and Brand








We are talking about:

  • Introduction of the current status of the RTS
  • Getting often misunderstood terms straight
  • The fallback proposal – what’s that?
  • What does the fallback mean for the XS2A API strategy of a bank?
  • What are the technical needs, if a bank decides to provide a dedicated XS2A interface?
  • How could a PSD2 compliant direct access look like?
  • What’s the advantage of using a well-performing API?
  • … enjoy listening yourself, now!

Here you go!


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figo_PSD2 RTS Change Log Picture

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