figo talks PSD2 #11: PSD2 & Innovation – What’s in for the consumer?

PSD2 & Innovation - What's in for the consumer?

Let’s talk about how to use innovative FinTech solutions under PSD2 for the greater good for the consumer!

The guests of our 11th episode of ‘figo talks PSD2’ are Jana Koch (Head of Start-up Garage | comdirect) and Nadja Schlössel (Head of Product Strategy | figo). They focus on the effects of PSD2 from the consumer’s point of view.


What are the potential risks and opportunities, being born out of Open Banking? How will PSD2 enhance the competition and change the landscape?

“Overall, PSD2 is great for the customer! Because it offers access to more products, specifically more innovative products. It’s convenient, increases transparency, if you use it right.”

Based on this idea of PSD2, Jana talks about a more open approach towards new players and cooperation, that comdirect has established with their  Start-up Garage.

Tune in and find out more about how this program supports ideas that face the challenges and chances within the financial industry, how added customer value influences the admission decision and the outcome of the program so far.


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