figo talks PSD2 Podcast #8 – Bank the ecosystem!

Title pic of figo talks PSD2 Podcast episode 8: bank the ecosystemLet’s talk about the ecosystem model in banking!

We are back from a tiny summer breeze break! Happy to provide you with our first podcast after the little holidays break.

Today we are talking with Jamie Campbell from Bud, Lars Markull and Nadja Schlössel from figo.

In our bubble, it feels like everyone is talking about ecosystem models in banking. So we ask ourselves, is that just us, or are there more people outside thinking about how to successfully transfer the approach into the banking world. Short answer: We know we are not the only ones. Numerous talks to banks, strategy consultants and other players alike have proven the relevance of the topic. Also, the first banks are testing it out. So we invited Jamie Campbell from Bud to discuss the topic in more detail.

What can you expect? We are talking about…

  • What’s an ecosystem model and why would that be successful in banking?
  • What’s Bud’s and figo’s approach?
  • What’s happening in the banking world in that sphere at the moment?
  • Where are the cool role models for a successful model?
  • What makes it a strong ecosystem?

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