#figoInside: easybill introduces its cloud-based online billing software

The beginning of our #figoInside series this year will be our partner easybill. Based in Kaarst near Dusseldorf, the company’s mission is to make life easier for its customers with a cloud-based online billing software: From invoicing and recording of incoming payments to automated accounts receivable management – easybill has thought of everything that saves time and nerves for the entrepreneurs.

The founder Philipp Gesell tells us what he thinks about FinTechs, banks and PSD2, how he came up with the idea of easybill and how users benefit from figo’s technology in the #figoInside interview!

Long story short

1. The future of FinTechs is …

Secured in any case!

2. Developer and banks are friends. Yes? No? Maybe?


3. PSD2 makes banking better. Yes? No? Maybe?


4. In 2035, there will be no bank branches. Yes? No? Maybe?

Bank branches will always exist. Only the service portfolio of banks will change significantly. Bank branches are no longer required for traditional payment transactions, which will certainly be completely cashless in the foreseeable future (10-15 years)

5. Mountains or beach?

Both have their charms 😉

#figoInside: easybill introduces its cloud-based online billing software

easybill.de website

Starter: When did you first get the idea for your service? What did you just do?

The founder of easybill Ltd. has been working in the tax consulting profession since 1998. At that time, even as a standard clerk in a tax consulting firm, there was a need to simplify the process to add the invoices created with Word or Excel to EDV for almost every client. With the introduction of easybill and the DATEV interface, the foundation was set for digital billing and processing, since in Germany there were only few or no similar providers at that time.

World Improver: How does your service make the world a little bit better or simpler place?

The order processing with easybill is the simplest possible way from quotation to the final order invoicing up to the possible dunning process. The software training can be completed in a very short time. Together with an unbeatable customer service and value for money, the easybill.de invoice creation software is the easiest way to create documents.

easybill founder Philipp Gesell

Persuasion talent: Who was the first person you convinced that your idea is great?

A client in the tax consultancy firm for Philipp Gesell, who was the founder and today’s tax consultant, at that time still working as a clerk.

Wisdom spreader: What would you tell a bank CEO if you had coffee with her/him? What should she/he do better or differently?

We leave improvement suggestions to people with the corresponding know-how. We at easybill are 100% focused on the subject of invoicing and rely on competent partners like figo, who reliably support us in the respective segment in order to achieve common goals for our customers more quickly.

Door opener: Explain your product/service and the role figo plays. What does figo make possible? What would be difficult or impossible if the figo API was not integrated?

easybill.de is an online billing software. figo enables the automated recording of incoming payments on the invoice created and thus also an automation of the accounts receivables management. Without figo, users would have to intervene manually in the dunning process, wasting valuable resources by monitoring the incoming payments and manually creating warnings and reminders.


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