#figoInside: JustOn Billing & Invoice Management with automatic reconciliation of transaction data

Billing and Invoicing becomes easier – thanks to figo partner JustOn

Today we talk to Marko Fliege, founder and CEO of JustOn GmbH, who answers our #figoInside questions.

JustOn was founded in 2010 with the goal of bringing easy-to-use business software to the market, which automates invoice processing and thus enormously simplifies life for companies. Today, with its JustOn Billing & Invoice Management billing software, the company is a leader in the Salesforce platform.

This innovative software digitises accounting, payment and receivables processes for medium-sized companies and can be integrated into existing IT systems. It not only saves time and money on invoice management, but also enables transparent and well-founded evaluation of key performance indicators. Many well-known customers around the world use cloud-based software to bill XaaS business models and consumption data.

In order to offer automatic data reconciliation in payment management under PSD2 without having to apply for a separate registration as an account information service at BaFin, JustOn has been using figo’s RegShield since December 2018.

Short & sweet

  1. The future of FinTechs is …

…secured. They’re either bought by insurance companies and banks or will themselves offer the classic services of banks. Only better.

  1. Developers and banks are friends. Yes? No? Maybe?

Maybe not yet, but they have to become friends.

  1. PSD2: Obstacle or opportunity?

Payment service policies like PSD2 will not disappear, so I see it as an opportunity.

  1. In 2035 there will still be bank branches. Yes? No? Maybe?

Nobody really needs bank branches anymore. I think the last time I was in a branch was like five years ago.

  1. Mountains or beach?

I like them both.

JustOn CEO Marko Fliege

Marko Fliege, Founder and CEO of JustOn GmbH

Starter: When did you first come up with the idea for your service? What were you doing?

When I first had to write an invoice in 2010, I found it incredibly time-consuming to enter my data, which I had painstakingly entered in my CRM, into another tool to come up with the invoice text, etc.

Or a more concrete example: As a company, we had developed custom software at that time and had just landed a very large project: the development of an order management system for a large e-commerce shop. When invoicing, I faced the problem of automatically settling the project times recorded by the employees. So I searched in vain for a solution that could, in the broadest sense, link usage or consumption data automatically with a pricing model (such as graduated prices) and create a PDF – and in the future an XInvoice. That’s how the idea came about and now we’re selling a software that does just that – and of course a lot more.

World Improver: What does your service make a little better or easier?

We help companies grow by using our product to turn their new ideas into profit. This will give employees time and, hopefully, a lot of money for the company. Both can be invested into beautiful and useful projects.

Spreading Wisdom: What would you tell a bank CEO if you had coffee with her/him? What should she/he do better or differently?

Phew … digitise further. I still have to exchange a good deal of paper with the bank. Why can’t my bank offer me a service where all my documents are kept for a lifetime? You could at least start with the account statements.

JustOn Billing & Invoice Management

Door Opener: Explain briefly your product/service and what role figo plays in it. What does figo make possible? What would be difficult or impossible if the figo API were not integrated?

Through JustOn Billing & Invoice Management, our clients create outgoing invoices, and we’re offering them more and more services in the field of automated accounting. The integration of the figo API now allows our customers to automatically check whether or not their invoices have been paid or automatically generate debits for, as one example, account settlements.

Describe the ‘pain point’ figo’s RegShield solves for you and what the added value of using it will be.

In addition to API access to all German banks, the ‘pain point’ figo removes is regulation. The tripartite contract model between figo and the BaFin is a great thing and saves us a lot of work. Thank you!



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