FinTech Hackathons – PSD2’s best friend? (ep. 4 of figo talks PSD2)

Episode 4 of figo talks PSD2 podcast – it’s English!

logo figo talks PSD2 episode 4: FinTech Hackathons - PSD2's best friend?

FinTech Hackathons – PSD2’s best friend?

Today we will premiere the English version with a guest from UK’s Starling Bank – Megan Caywood, Lars Markull (API Evangelist @figo) and Nadja Schlössel (Global Strategy and Brand @figo) talking about the Hackathon / PSD2 relationship.

We will talk about:

  • Why Hackathons?
  • What does a Hackathon have to do with PSD2?
  • What are the best solutions ever invented at the figo Bankathon or a Starling Bank Hackathon?

This is the premiere of ‘figo talks PSD2’ podcast in English!

We are very happy to announce that we are now also ‘talking the PSD2’ in a language that most of you Europeans are able to understand. And that is not German, but English!

But first things first. We would like to give you a brief introduction of what ‘figo talks PSD2’ is.

What it is.

Knowledgable. Entertaining. Questioning. Answering. Discussing..


For 20 minutes experts talk about a – somehow – PSD2 regulation related topic. Tech, philosophy, security, let us surprise you! You will find your topics too.


Every topic will be covered by two or three experts. It could be figos or guests from the community (Banks, FinTechs, Developers and other people with knowledge to share). We will select the relevant experts and ask them to do the PSD2 dance with us and for you.

For whom?

For you. For all of you with question marks in their heads when thinking about PSD2 regulation. For everyone cherishing questions and discussions as much as answers. For everyone who wants to understand PSD2 in all its dimensions. For everyone who wants to kickstart in, out or through the day with an entertaining 20 minutes podcast. For everyone working in banking, fintech, software development, consultancy or in a banking authority like BaFin.


Because we:

  • want to get more answers
  • support the talk within the community
  • believe in the power of questions
  • like you – want to understand PSD2 in every dimension in order to make the most of it!

How often?

The goal is every two weeks. You can count the days, but please be nice to us if we sometimes don’t exactly make it. Life and work happens, I am sure you know what I mean 😉

Here you go! Enjoy!

The next figo Bankathon will take place in Vienna 29th – 31st of May 2017

For more information about the bankathon, just click 🙂

And here you go when you would like to visit Starling Bank 🙂


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