Taking Value out of the Bankathon – the Banker’s Perspective (#6)

figo talks PSD2 Podcast Ep. 6: Taking Value out of the Bankathon - the Banker's Perspective

figo talks PSD2 again! This time in English and about the value banks see in attending a Hackathon – more specifically the Bankathon! The Bankathon will leave Germany for the first time and travel to Vienna. Bringing the Bankathon to the CEE region we are talking to:

Alessio De Icco (BeeOne/Erste Group), Marcus Kapun (BAWAG P.S.K.) proving, that banks can sit in the same boat! Made possible by the Bankathon.

Bankathon - the FinTech Hackathon



We are talking about:

  • What are the goals for banks to attend the Bankathon?
  • Old stager or total newbie?
  • Is the Bankathon getting company?
  • Does the PSD2 motto of the Bankathon make sense?
  • Which team will attend the bankathon?
  • FinTech in CEE: Will the Bankathon impact the CEE region?

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