The figo Bankathon is getting its own spinoff: BANKATHONx

figo is making it possible for banks, companies and anyone interested to organise their own FinTech hackathon tailored to their individual requirements: the BANKATHONx!

Want to increase awareness of your company? Make yourself known as an attractive employer? Become a master of innovation? Form new alliances?

👉 You can do all this and more with your own BANKATHONx. figo will design the event according to your aims and tailor it to your corporate strategy. Additionally, our team will support you with the organising, acquiring participants, marketing and implementation. As the host of a BANKATHONx, you’ll benefit from a well-known brand and attract the attention of an entire industry.

Together for success – the BANKATHONx concept

Organising a hackathon poses great challenges and questions for the host. What’s required for a good location? How do we design the challenges? What would the participants want? – Instead of having to figure out every detail of the hackathon yourself, figo will provide you with the answers and make your job as host as easy as possible: The team will handle crucial tasks, including the entire conception and content design as well as the all-important participant acquisition. During the event, figo will introduce a hackathon-experienced co-moderator and work with you to ensure the event runs smoothly.

figo Bankathon is getting its own spinoff: BANKATHONx

As a host, all you have to do is take care of organisational and logistical tasks: you select the location as well as the catering, or alternatively provide an in-house solution. On-site you manage all needs such as user passes. In addition, you are responsible for communication with all service providers around the event. If questions arise during the planning or implementation or if you are undecided in making a decision: The colleagues from figo are always available to advise you – from first contact to the successful conclusion of your BANKATHONx!

Bankathon: The story so far

Since figo launched the Bankathon in 2015, the event has grown in record time to be the FinTech Hackathon in Germany – many now even use the two terms synonymously. The five Bankathons so far have hosted more than 100 teams and about 400 developers. Nearly 60 sponsors and supporters have been able to leverage their local presence and media reach to position themselves as innovative companies, reaching the awareness of developers and forming new partnerships. Reports before, during and after the event came not only from official media partners, but also from the participants themselves. Here are some examples, including articles, interviews and videos from Bankathon 5, which took place in Berlin:

Interview with IT Finanzmagazin (German)

Report from Paymentandbanking (German)

Report from the CashCape Netguru team

Report by participant and industry expert Robin Kiera (German)

Video interview with Special Supporter, the Association of German Banks (German)

figo Bankathon is getting its own spinoff: BANKATHONx

This resounding and sustainable success has come about thanks to figo’s comprehensive network and its consistent orientation as a neutral platform. At a Bankathon you meet at eye-to-eye, break open silos, and develop innovative ideas, but as every hackathon veteran knows, it can only work with the right participants. figo has been living and breathing technology since we started. Most of our staff has a technical background and we work with developers every day on a lot of different levels. This knowledge allows us to reach and excite the right people for our events. With such continuity through five Bankathons, figo has organically established and expanded a loyal community.

Whether you’re looking for new ideas, are looking to position your company as innovative and future-oriented, or take a seat with potential new colleagues: figo and BANKATHONx will help you. The expertise, support and developer network of figo, everything that made the Bankathon the giant that it is, is at your disposal. We have piqued your interest? You can find further information and our contact form here:

Or take a shortcut: just call! Tel: +49 40-228212710


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