Get access to banks & financial sources and their data to build exciting new products

The figo aggregator is the foundation for your new financial services. It gives you access to financial institutes, credit cards, brokers and FinTechs in Europe in one easy understandable API. Use the aggregator, to get account insights and details like revenue history and financial behaviour, connect all the dots and create exciting new products with figo!


Digitisation is changing financial services. Just a few years ago it was impossible to think of an application that offers management of bank accounts from numerous different institutes.

The amount of effort required to build the connection between those services and your product was unimaginable. The figo aggregator was born to build this connection and offer easy integration between numerous bank accounts as a basis for the creation of new applications or services.

Simply implement the aggregator into your product or service and start benefitting:

  • 1.The aggregator delivers standardised and normalised raw data for your product development.
  • 2.The aggregator makes financial context between accounts visible.
  • 3.The aggregator has been proven in business for years, and is stable, secure and scalable.


White Label Technology
figo adapts to your customer process and corporate design. Keep using your usual brand visualisations and design according to your and your customers’ needs. We deliver the data you need for a seamless and easy implementation.

Supported Account Types
The aggregator supports current accounts, daily savings accounts, savings accounts, securities accounts, credit cards, PayPal, time deposits and loan accounts from financial institutes in Europe.

  • Customer Journey

    1. Your customer wants to use your service and logs in with account credentials and gives consent to data usage.
    2. Your service receives data through the figo aggregator and you can run your algorithm on financial data.
    3. Your customer has an overview of all his finances.

Use Cases

These companies trust in the figo aggregator to enhance their products:

The figo aggregator allows you to integrate all of your customers’ financial sources into one seamless experience to create exciting new use cases, such as
Become your customers financial home by allowing access to all relevant sources.
Data-based Financial Services:
Help your customer with deep knowledge about their financial reality and individual needs and build services to e.g. save money
Bookkeeping Software, Savings Apps & Co. Deliver your customers’ financial data reliably and securely to enable the usage of new apps and services.
bonify is a personal financial score glued together from several relevant data points. It shows the customer what is being saved about her or him and gives advice how to optimise the score. Additionally, bonify lets its users easily manage their finances from any financial source.
The aggregator enables bonify to make the finances visible to their customers and help optimising their financial behaviour.
FastBill was built for small businesses and entrepreneurs. It offers smart features to e.g. create beautiful invoices, collect expenses and communicate better with customers.
The aggregator is foundational to the product. figo has been the partner for years in integrating bank accounts of FastBill‘s customers. Through the aggregator, FastBill can call up transactions in the background and proactively inform customers about changes and paid invoices.
fino offers the possibility to perform a bank account switch in a matter of minutes, and without the bureaucracy.
The aggregator allows fino to build a connection between the „old“ bank and fino, analyse existing accounts to identify transaction data and notify all relevant parties to make the account change as easy and quick as possible. The service also transmits standing orders from one account to the next by counting on the figo aggregator.
Ownly is everyone's’ digital family office! Giving a 360 degree view on the financial situation and offering advice formerly only a small group of fortunate people could afford.
The aggregator makes it possible for Ownly’s customers to view all of their bank accounts in one place and enables Ownly to tailor-make its financial advice based on real data, updated ongoingly.
weclapp is a cloud-based ERP software that eliminates the need for separate CRM, merchandise management, and accounting software from different providers.
The aggregator allows weclapp customers to manage their company finances in one place. Invoices can, for example, be created in weclapp and directly linked to payment receipts via figo. The interplay ensures acceleration and simplification of the whole process.
You can find more Partner Use Cases here.

Security & Hosting

figo continuously optimises its security and compliance standards to ensure maximum protection of your customers’ data. We have comprehensive IT security and data protection concepts in place which are constantly monitored and managed by figo and qualified external protection officers.

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The figo aggregator is available as Software as a Service in a shared or dedicated environment within secure data centers in Germany.

figo only hosts in data centers also used by German banks. Additional services such as Hardware Security Modules are available on demand.


Country Packages

Want to serve more than one country? figo will make it possible for you to expand in Europe. Talk to us for available country packages!

Service Levels

If you need us, we are there for you. We offer you three service packages to suit your every need. Just talk to us for more details!

figo initiator

Want to keep your customers using your product and service and increase their loyalty? Use the initiator and make seamless and secure bank transfers possible from your offering.

figo tagger

Want to understand bank data at a glance? The tagger categorises transactions into a highly understandable language even non-developers can understand.

Pricing & Contact

We believe in building the future of banking together with you. Our pricing reflects this with a fair usage-based pricing which decreases with higher volume.

We only charge for what you really get. High volumes get lower prices – guaranteed!

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