The figo Banking API is the access point for our ‘Banking as a Service’ platform which provides you and your customers a number of advantages: access to sources of finance, notification services, security, as well as user and customer management in a legally compliant space.

The platform also means regulatory compliance, and this is important, because the Payment Service Directive 2 (PSD2) will also be relevant for you and your service. With the “Banking as a Service” platform we handle it for you, so you can concentrate on your products.

At figo, we take care of the content-based and technical requirements brought by PSD2.

Bank accounts, credit cards, PayPal, FinTechs: Integrate all of your customer’s financial sources into one flawless customer experience. The aggregation of your customers financial sources enables you to create impressive new use cases. For example:


Allow multibanking from a single source and become your customer’s financial home.

Data based Financial Services

Expose the complete financial reality of your customer using the figo aggregator and help your customer, as one example, to save money, give out loans or other financial services – simply based on the individual need of your customer.

Bookkeeping Software | Savings Apps and Co.

Wherever you and your customer want to have your customer’s financial data, the figo aggregator is delivering it reliably within moments.

Verify relevant account data like your customer’s IBAN, the account holder or account balance

For example within:

Loan Application Processes

Receive the data you need in order to fully automate your loan application process. Your real time scoring is enabled by verified data through the figo verifier.

Account Verification

Verify an account or account holder without a media break. For example, do you want to boost your conversion or onboard customers in real time? Use figo verifier and get your customer live in no time.

Enable bank transfers for your customer – straight out of your application.

Everywhere and at all times

Whenever you want to integrate bank transfer functionality within your application – the figo initiator makes it happen for you.

Always ready

Bookkeeping app with integrated transfer functionality? Additional features for your customer? Optimal convenience and customer experience? Your customers remain within your service even when they need to transfer money.

Save effort and receive enriched and immediately understandable bank data. The figo tagger categorizes bank data for you.

Saves you time and effort

The figo tagger categorizes bank data for you. You and your customer are able to see straight through the chaos into what the money is being spent for. Doesn’t matter whether it’s the gym or an award-winning restaurant, the figo tagger helps you to understand bank data.

Immediately understand Bank Data

The figo tagger translates IT gibberish into one understandable language so even a non-developer is able to understand it.

figo client id

The figo Banking API can be quickly integrated into your service. Simply register under ‘Request Client ID‘ and implement banking functions using various SDKs.

Sources of finance

Through various technologies, figo is connected to almost all banks, securities accounts, credit cards, FinTech services and many other sources of finance in Germany and Austria. Step by step, figo is opening up the entire SEPA area.

Range of features

figo makes all financial information available through a single interface: data such as transactions and account balances as well as details on accounts, cards and securities accounts.  Additionally, it also makes it possible to initiate transactions like money transfers and standing orders.

figo is already in use in numerous products and applications.

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Security and privacy

Because the issues of security and data protection are figo’s top priority, we have from the beginning placed great consideration on the issue of security versus convenience and have taken the highest precautions in making our services secure and protecting customer data. The complete figo infrastructure is hosted in data centers in Germany, creating an regulated environment comparable with that of a bank. And of course, communication between figo, data centers, and banks is always encrypted!

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figo for your POC

You can test figo fully and non binding. We will support you with further steps.

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figo for commercial usage

We prepare a tailored offer for your commercial usage of figo – aligned to your business model.


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