The figo ‘Banking as a Service’ platform can already be used by financial institutions today as a bank-specific XS2A platform technology, without having to undertake costly and complex adjustments to the bank’s own infrastructure.

figo product xs2a enabler

Technical Solution for PSD2 XS2A

Way more than just an API – with the figo xs2a enabler you are receiving the solution to become PSD2 compliant. figo has several years of experience in managing an ‘access-to-account‘ platform to access accounts. Benefit from that specialized know-how and place the management of technology, the onboarding process and monitoring of third parties into savvy hands.

Business Solution for PSD2 XS2A

PSD2 is the kickoff into a new era of bank data usage. Use the xs2a enabler as opportunity and realize revenue. Click here for more info. Talk to us for details.

Bank accounts, credit cards, PayPal, FinTechs: Integrate all of your customer’s financial sources into one flawless customer experience. The aggregation of your customers financial sources enables you to create impressive new use cases. For example:


Allow multibanking from a single source and become your customer’s financial home.

Data based Financial Services

Expose the complete financial reality of your customer using the figo aggregator and help your customer, as one example, to save money, give out loans or other financial services – simply based on the individual need of your customer.

Bookkeeping Software | Savings Apps and Co.

Wherever you and your customer want to have your customer’s financial data, the figo aggregator is delivering it reliably within moments.

Verify relevant account data like your customer’s IBAN, the account holder or account balance

For example within:

Loan Application Processes

Receive the data you need in order to fully automate your loan application process. Your real time scoring is enabled by verified data through the figo verifier.

Account Verification

Verify an account or account holder without a media break. For example, do you want to boost your conversion or onboard customers in real time? Use figo verifier and get your customer live in no time.

Enable bank transfers for your customer – straight out of your application.

Everywhere and at all times

Whenever you want to integrate bank transfer functionality within your application – the figo initiator makes it happen for you.

Always ready

Bookkeeping app with integrated transfer functionality? Additional features for your customer? Optimal convenience and customer experience? Your customers remain within your service even when they need to transfer money.

Save effort and receive enriched and immediately understandable bank data. The figo tagger categorizes bank data for you.

Saves you time and effort

The figo tagger categorizes bank data for you. You and your customer are able to see straight through the chaos into what the money is being spent for. Doesn’t matter whether it’s the gym or an award-winning restaurant, the figo tagger helps you to understand bank data.

Immediately understand Bank Data

The figo tagger translates IT gibberish into one understandable language so even a non-developer is able to understand it.

Aggregation of sources of finance

The figo ‘Banking as a Service’ platform can use financial institutions to retrieve data from more than 3,100 different sources of finance and display it for its own customers.

At the same time you can already use the figo ‘Banking as a Service’ platform as a bank-specific XS2A platform technology that meets PSD2 regulatory requirements. And all without having to make costly and complex adjustments to bank-specific infrastructure. This relates in particular to the deployment of interfaces for access to Account Information (AIS) and Payment Initiation Services (PIS). In this way, figo offers the possiblity to comply with the coming requirements of PSD2 today.

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XS2A platform

Through the advanced rights management system of figo’s XS2A platform technology, financial institutions can accurately control which third-party services can access their AIS and PIS services, and to what extent. The figo Banking API makes data retrieval a breeze: both for bank-specific applications as well as for applications from selected partners.

The XS2A platform technology from figo is the ideal tool for meeting growing customer demand for accessible online banking, without neglecting regulatory requirements.

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