Easily verify your customers’ data and simplify your processes

Get data you can rely on with the figo verifier. It lets you easily verify all relevant details around a bank account and its owner. Use the verifier to build simple and seamless automated onboarding processes and enhance your risk management.


Digital products mean consumers are used to seamless onboarding processes and instant access to literally everything. For the financial sector this behavior change brings new challenges.

The figo verifier is your tool for instant bank data verifications.

You can identify the account owner and relevant criteria such as loans, negative bookings, gambling, etc. in seconds to build seamless experiences and make business and risk-related decisions. Turn your onboarding process into a seamless and fully virtual experience for your customers based on real time hard fact data.

Neatly integrated into your offering, the verifier comes with huge benefits:

  • 1.The verifier gives you insights on your customer's financial reality.
  • 2.The verifier takes your real-time risk management to the next level.
  • 3.The verifier lets you identify or score your customer to provide decisions and access in seconds.


White Label Technology

figo adapts to your customer process and corporate design. Keep using your usual brand visualisations and design according to your and your customer’s needs. We deliver the data you need for a seamless and easy implementation.

Supported Account Types

The verifier supports current accounts, daily savings accounts, savings accounts, securities accounts, credit cards, PayPal, time deposits and loan accounts from financial institutes in Europe.

  • Customer Journey

    1. Your customer wants to use your service, logs in with account credentials and gives consent to data usage.
    2. You receive the requested data through the verifier. Your customer now has verified being the account owner or fitting into your risk profile.
    3. Your customer is validated and happy to receive your service.

Use Cases

These companies trust in the figo verifier to enhance their products:

The figo verifier lets you quickly verify all details around a bank account and it’s owner. This enables you to implement powerful but simple processes for ...

Account Verification
Build seamless onboarding processes to simplify the life of your customers and increase your conversion rate.
Contextual & Relevant Services
Excite your customers by providing relevant services at the exact right time
Automated Loan Decisions
Deliver loan decisions in seconds, based on your customer's’ current financial reality
Risk & Trust Management
Take your real time risk management to the next level with reliable data
Auxmoney is an online peer-to-peer loan marketplace for cash, direct, instalment credits or credits for the self-employed.
The verifier allows Auxmoney to seamlessly onboard new customers and securely check their relevant information. In addition it helps to make automated loan decisions which gives security to lenders and borrowers.
Verimi is a platform for personal data that is used for identification and authentication on the web. Using innovative technologies, Verimi combines user-friedliness with the highest security and data protection standards.
The integration of figo’s verifier enables the automatic verification of account information such as the account holder. This simplifies and accelerates data reconciliation enormously.

Security & Hosting

figo continuously optimizes its security and compliance standards to ensure maximum protection of your customers’ data. We have comprehensive IT security and data protection concepts in place which are constantly monitored and managed by figo or qualified external protection officers.

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The figo verifier is available as Software as a Service in a shared or dedicated environment within secure data centers in Germany.

figo only hosts in data centers also used by German banks. Additional services such as Hardware Security Modules are available on demand.


Country Packages

Want to serve more than one country? figo will make it possible for you to expand in Europe. Talk to us for available country packages!

Service Levels

If you need us, we are there for you. We offer you three service packages to suit your every need. Just talk to us for more details!

figo aggregator

Want to integrate several financial sources into one advanced user experience? The aggregator is your go-to tool to integrate financial sources and get all the insights you need to build outstanding products.

figo tagger

Want to understand bank data at a glance? The tagger translates & categorizes transactions into a highly understandable language even non-developers can understand. Create or fine tune beautiful products or services for your customers.

figo initiator

Want to keep your customers using your product and service and increase their loyalty? Use the initiator and make seamless and secure bank transfers possible from your offering.

Pricing & Contact

We believe in building the future of banking together with you. Our pricing reflects this with a fair usage-based pricing which decreases with higher volume.

We only charge for what you really get. High volumes get lower prices – guaranteed!

Contact us for more information and your non-committal, individual quote!

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