figoCrowd – Connecting figo’s Demobank

Getting ready for your first test

The test app that you will be using for the tests simulates a personal finance app where you as a user can connect to your bank accounts and manage them all from the same app. In order to make your life easier and help you get the most out of the figoCrowd we’d suggest you play around with our testing app before your first test cycle and try to connect to our Demobank.

Note: If the app is in German, you can change to English by going to your profile, choose English in “Sprache” and click “Bestätigen”. Your language preference will be remembered from now on.

Step 1: Search for our Demobank

The first step in order to add a bank is to go to your Management page, select “Germany” as a country and input the following Bank Code in the field below: 90090042. Click on “Add” and you should see the following pop-up:

Step 2: Input the banks credentials

The credentials for our demo Bank are simply “demo” and “demo”. Click on “Next” and wait (might take up to a minute as this is our test application). Afterwards, you should see something like this:

Step 3: Check the Balance and Transactions

Below “All Accounts” you can see the different bank accounts that you have just added to the app. If you click on then you can inspect the transactions as if you were in the Bank’s online portal.

Step 4: Remove the demo bank

You can remove the accounts you have just synchronised by going to your Management page and clicking on “Remove Account”