figoCrowd – Frequently Asked Questions

I have signed-up already. What’s next? How do I get started?

You simply need to wait for our welcome email. We process and approve each sign-up manually and therefore you will receive a welcome email with instructions on how to start testing. In General we will need some additional information from you like your address and payment details plus you will need to accept our Terms and Conditions before being able to start. Once this is all cleared out you will receive emails from us periodically announcing when will incoming test cycles take place. It’s up to you to join a test cycle or not but only if you do will you be able to get our rewards. If you haven’t received your welcome email feel free to contact us via mail:

What kind of rewards do you offer?

The current version of the testing application supports only “Account Information Tests”. This tests are designed to help us test the information that we get out of the Banks we connect such as Account & Account Holder information, Transaction Details, etc. We are currently offering a base compensation of 20 EUR for such tests. In the future we will add new testing flows to include support for testing payments, transaction categorisation and others.

How will you transfer the money to my account?

We currently only support PayPal or Bank Transfer. Make sure you provide us the correct details when answering your welcome email.

Is my data (including password) safe?

Your data is directly entered in the figo portal, and is stored encrypted with the latest encryption standard AES 256-bit (PINs are not stored by default). For a secure data-transfer figo applies the cryptographic protocols TSL/SSL. No employee of figo can access your password data. You will enable figo only to upload bank statements – no other transactions such as payments are possible.

How do I know what to test?

You will receive a link to download our Desktop testing application. The Application is self explanatory and will guide you through the testing process. You can also take a look at this Youtube video which gives you an idea of how our testing process looks like.

How can I resign from figoCrowd?

In order to resign from being part of the figoCrowd you simply need to send an email at from your figoCrowd email address.