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What is figo?

At figo we offer a platform that aggregates more than 3100 financial sources across Germany and Austria and we are currently heavily expanding to other European countries. We are Europe’s first banking service provider. Our ‘Banking as a Service’ platform is the link between the traditional financial world and modern financial solutions, allowing figo customers to focus exclusively on the development of their products and applications.

What is figoCrowd?

figoCrowd is our response to the challenge of blitzscaling our platform in order to add support to new countries. figocrowd is a testing affiliate program that anyone can join for free in order to help us test newly released features in exchange of really attractive rewards. Check out our FAQ and Terms and Conditions page for more details about the program.

What rewards/benefits do we offer?

Participating in one of our test cycles is totally optional but if you do help us we’ll reward you with up to 20 EUR for not more than 15 minutes of your time. Take a look at this Youtube video in order to get an idea of what our testing expectations are.