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Welcome to figoCrowd!

This is the affiliate testing program of! With figoCrowd we are aiming to involve you more with our community of developers, testers and account holders that together support us in developing, maintaining and adding new financial sources into our platform.

You can join figoCrowd for free and help us develop, test and share insights about the Banks you have accounts with and in exchange we will reward independent contributors with unique prizes depending on how often and how much you are willing to support us. If you or your company are existing figo Partners we will reward you with early access and a bunch of other benefits for the new markets and financial products you are helping us to develop and maintain.

We want to keep it as simple as possible for you so the only thing you need to do is to scroll down, fill in the form and join the crowd! We will then contact you regularly and inform you about the current open challenges you could help us with. Based on the challenge description and date it’s up to you to decide if you wanna take it or leave it. You decide how much involved you want to be.

Our Challenges

Are you an independent developer? Do you want to test your development skills, learn new stuff and help enrich figo’s platform? Development challenges will put your skills to the test.

Do you own one or more bank accounts in Europe and want to learn a bit more about how can we expand to new countries faster than anyone else meanwhile helping us validate that the quality of our integrations is impeccable? Testing challenges are then the perfect fit for you!