Deutsche Bank

Use case: Multibanking

With the Multibanking function, Deutsche Bank customers can see all of their accounts, loans and deposits in real-time at a glance – even if the accounts are with other banks. This is possible via online banking as well as via the “Deutsche Bank Mobile” application.

Transactions in foreign bank accounts are stored permanently for Deutsche Bank customers in Deutsche Bank Online and Mobile Banking, allowing easy access at any time. In 2017, transactions in foreign bank accounts and cards are also automatically assigned to categories such as “living costs”, “lifestyle” or “travel” in the MultiBanking Financial Planner.

Deutsche Bank uses figo technology for the aggregation of financial data in its online banking.

Plug-and-Play solutions

finreach solutions

Use case: Plug-and-Play solutions

finreach solutions is a Software as a Service (SaaS) API platform, enabling their partners to build impactful financial products, across Europe. Together with the FinTech innovation challengers and leaders, finreach solutions develops B2B2C Plug-and-Play solutions and their microservices architecture enables its business clients to have best-in-class interfaces with reduced back-end complexity. In March 2019, finreach solutions and figo decided to join forces.


Use case: Digital Identity Management

Verimi is a platform for personal data that is used for identification and authentication on the web. Using innovative technologies, Verimi combines user-friedliness with the highest security and data protection standards.

The integration of figo’s verifier enables the automatic verification of account information such as the account holder. This simplifies and accelerates data reconciliation enormously.


Use case: Risk management

auxmoney is the largest credit marketplace in continental Europe. On auxmoney, private and institutional investors directly invest in pre-approved borrowers of different score classes. Recently, auxmoney also started offering loans to small and medium-sized enterprises. Using its unique risk models and expertise in credit rating and underwriting, auxmoney can make more favourable loans available to more people, while enabling investors to benefit from attractive risk-adjusted returns. Renowned investors such as Index Ventures, Union Square Ventures and Foundation Capital are invested in auxmoney.


Use case: Contract Management

aboalarm is a contract management service. The automatic contract check recognises all running subscriptions and provides an overview of the costs. In addition, free, lawyer-verified termination templates with a termination guarantee are provided. Timely reminders of the expiration of notice periods save money and time.


Use case: Real Estate Financing

NIST is the digital financing assistant for real estate purchases. As a subsidiary of Wüstenrot & Württembergische, NIST has many years of experience accompanying people into their own home, from the initial idea through to the successful financing.

NIST uses innovations such as personal consultations via screen sharing, in which customers can follow all the financial advisor’s inputs live on their own device. The NIST financing certificate, offering users fast and reliable confirmation of their own creditworthiness. Through a PSD2-compliant analysis of the user’s income, a suitable real estate budget is defined allowing the user to prove their solvency when getting in touch with sellers and brokers.

This PSD2-compliant retrieval of account information is made possible by the integration of the figo RegShield.


Use case: Credit Score

Credit plays a crucial role in many transactions in everyday life: in getting a loan, in applying for an apartment, the signing of a new mobile contract or for payment on delivery from an online store. bonify allows users to view their personal credit score for free. Through the combination of personal credit scores with personal financial data, consumers get a comprehensive view of their credit and financial situations.


Use case: ERP-software

weclapp is cloud-based ERP software. With weclapp as an all-in-one solution, the need for separate CRM, merchandise management, and accounting software all from different providers is eliminated. Our software is fully integrated and the individual modules communicate intelligently.
figo allows weclapp customers to manage their company finances in one place. Invoices can, for example, be created in weclapp and directly linked to payment receipts via figo. The interplay ensures acceleration and simplification of the whole process.


Use case: Accounting and Invoicing

FastBill is a smart comprehensive solution for digital bookkeeping and financial management of small businesses and freelancers.

With the help of innovative technologies, FastBill creates automation in accounting and thus more time for every entrepreneur. For example, invoices can be created and paid by customers directly online, documents can be archived and automatically posted, and payments can be assigned using an integrated bank account reconciliation. And the best: the tax consultant is just a click away and gets all the data he needs.

Bank transactions are indispensable for this purpose and are foundational to our product. figo has been the partner for years in integrating bank accounts of FastBill’s customers. Through the universal banking API, FastBill can call up payments in the background and proactively inform customers about changes and paid invoices. In the future, payment of expenses and direct debiting will also be added.


Use case: Billing & Invoice Management

The innovative software JustOn Billing & Invoice Management, which can be integrated into existing IT systems, digitises the accounting, payment and receivables processes for medium-sized companies.

The integration of the figo API enables the PSD2-compliant retrieval of account information for JustOn’s automatic verification of transaction data and recognition of incoming payments. This facilitates data reconciliation enormously.

JustOn is one of the leading providers of billing software on the Salesforce platform.


Use case: Investing Solution

Via API, Fincite offers access to over 120 algorhythms for individually chosen recommendations for savings and investment. Together with figo, Fincite can analyse the customer’s financial situation in its entirety and from this offer a personalised Next Best Action. This is done by Fincite using intelligent algorithms based on modern financial mathematics.


Use case: Account Switching Service

fino offers the possibility to perform an account change in a matter of minutes, and without the bureaucracy. Via Banking API, figo allows a connection between the “old” bank and fino,  through which the company can access precisely this “old” bank account and perform the account change. fino analyzes existing accounts to identify transaction data. From this, regular payees and senders can be determined. All relevant parties receive a notification of the change by post or by fax. The service also transmits standing orders from one account to the next.